Romantic Birthday Gift Idea

Coming up with a romantic birthday gift idea may seem challenging.

Are you trying to come up with a romantic birthday gift idea? Finding the perfect romantic gift sometimes seems difficult, because you are trying to convey the depth of your feelings. So many gifts seem inadequate, and nowhere near as special as your loved one.

Although flowers and chocolates traditionally convey romance, you want to come up with something more special than that. Think outside the box. Here are a few ideas:

Create a scrapbook of memories.

A collection of pictures, love letters, ticket stubs of places you’ve been together is a great way to express your love. In between pictures, write in meaningful poetry or song lyric quotes.

Give a special weekend getaway.

Instead of a gift, plan a special getaway for a night or a weekend. Go somewhere your loved one has always talked about going, or take them to try something they’ve never tried. Maybe they’d like to go on a helicopter ride or hot air ballooning. Or think of a romantic destination such as a moonlit beach or a location with a hot tub or candlelit dinner.

Hire an artist.

Using a photograph of you and your loved one, hire an artist to do a sketch or hand-painted portrait.

Keep them guessing.

You could give a traditional gift such as a box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry, but add a little romance by creating a scavenger hunt. Hide the gift, then come up with a set of clues. Each clue could contain a message of love, and a clue as to where the next clue is. This makes finding the gift fun. This idea could also be used if you want to give a few inexpensive items, such as CDs – hide different small gifts in different places. Or give a series of small gifts off and on throughout the day, such as starting the day with breakfast in bed, followed by flowers an hour or two later, then a few other small items given sporadically throughout the day.

Coming up with a romantic birthday gift idea doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It just requires a little imagination and effort to express the love that is in your heart.