Milestone Birthday Gift Idea

For the perfect milestone birthday gift idea, mix nostalgia and humor.

Where do you go to find the perfect milestone birthday gift idea? Every birthday is special, but certain milestones are a little more special. Every decade is a milestone which a person may start to consider themselves “over the hill”. Throw in a little humor and creativity when you search for a birthday present for someone turning 30, 40, 50, or older.

30th Birthday Ideas

:Turning 30 is certainly not reaching old age by any means, but some people are upset to know they have reached this milestone. A great idea for someone turning 30 is some type of reminder of all they haven’t yet done. Take them on an adventure that they haven’t yet experienced such as white water rafting, a helicopter ride, or bungee jumping.

Take them on a walk down memory lane. CDs of music that were popular when they were in high school will bring back pleasant memories. If you can put together a photo album of pictures of them as they grew up, it’s another way to bring back memories. How about putting things together in groups of 30, such as 30 flowers, 30 photographs or 30 clues to find a special gift?

40th Birthday Ideas

A common expression is “life begins at 40.” Have some fun helping someone celebrate this milestone. Use some of the same ideas described above, such as planning an adventurous day. Give a collage of 40 photographs, 40 songs from their high school years, or even 40 cupcakes.

50th Birthday Ideas

For a 50th birthday, mix nostalgia and humor. Choose music and movies that will bring back memories. How about photos of their elementary school or any other landmarks that may have meaning for them, such as the house they grew up in? A little humor can lighten the mood of this milestone, such as prune juice or a giant bib.

A milestone birthday gift idea is something just a little more special than a typical birthday. A milestone should truly be a day to remember.