Birthday Gift Idea for Men

Coming up with a great birthday gift idea for men can be challenging. But with a little imagination, you can pick the perfect gift based on the manís personality. There is no doubt that the better you know the man youíre trying to shop for, the easier it will be to narrow down some good choices. But even if you are only casually acquainted, chances are you have a pretty good idea which of the following personality types he most resembles.

Here are some of the top male personality types and some gift ideas for each:

Sports Fanatic

For the man who loves sports, there are a lot of sports-related items to choose from. Everything from sweatshirts to hats to blankets can be found with emblems that represent his favorite team. Some other ideas are unique items such as an NFL paperweight or a golf-club-shaped pencil.


The man that loves the outdoors would appreciate anything that will give him an excuse to get out of the house. Some ideas are grilling tools, an outdoor hammock, fishing gear, or binoculars.

Music Lover

For the man who is constantly listening to or playing music, choose CDs, musical DVDs, concert tickets, or memorabilia from his favorite band.

Computer Geek

This man lives and breathes computers, and he wonít get tired of receiving anything computer-related. Any type of computer accessory, software or gift certificate to a computer store will be right up his alley. Another option would be a gift that declares his love for computers such as a hat, shirt, or mug letting the world know of his passion.

Intellectual Type

The intellectual type of man usually has his nose in a book. He loves to solve complex problems and can be heard reciting mathematical formulas in his sleep. The intellectual type will love anything that stimulates his mind. Handheldcomputer games, jigsaw puzzles, or a gift certificate to a book store are some ideas for him.

When trying to think of a birthday gift idea for men, think about what is most dear to their heart. Chances are you can come up with a great gift based on what you know about their personality.