Last Minute Birthday Gift Idea

A gift basket is the perfect last minute birthday gift idea. Itís not hard to put together a basket designed with a special person in mind.When you need a last minute birthday gift idea, consider giving a gift basket. You can purchase a gift basket that has already been designed by a professional, or many gift basket retailers are open to customers telling them exactly what they want included in a personalized gift basket. Or you can create your own gift basket. Purchasing a gift basket may be quicker if you are really pressed for time, but creating your own isnít really that difficult

Most gift baskets are designed around a theme. Consider these ideas:

Food or Beverage Gift Basket

Put together a gift basket including several varieties of one particular kind of food, such as cheese, popcorn, or chocolate. Or create a basket of a particular beverage, such as tea, coffee, cocoa or wine. Include mugs or wine glasses with a beverage basket or some type of utensils with a food gift basket.


Whatever anyone loves the most, a gift basket can be created around their passion. For a NASCAR lover, a basket can be created that contains NASCAR memorabilia. For a golf lover a basket can include golf balls, tees, books, and instructional DVD. For a gardener a gift basket can include gardening gloves, small tools, seeds, etc.

Bath Items

Create a gift basket that includes an assortment of related bath items, such as scented soap, shampoo, powder, bath oil, and hand cream. A group of items can all have the same scent, or a basket can include an assortment of scents.


A collection of scented candles or potpourri can be very soothing for the recipient.

A gift basket is the perfect last minute birthday gift idea. It can be created without a great deal of expense, and it can be designed with a particular person in mind, which makes it a truly special gift.