Homemade Birthday Gift Idea

Thereís no reason to go broke shopping for gifts. If you are on a tight budget, the best idea may be to come up with a homemade birthday gift idea and create something yourself. Different people have different types of talent, and chances are creating something yourself wonít be as difficult as you think.

Some ideas for homemade items are below.


You can create a gift out of photographs, even if you donít consider yourself a creative person. From a gift as simple as a double-framed picture to an elaborate collage to a scrapbook to a photo album, photographs can be the heart of a creative and meaningful gift.


If you know how to knit or crochet, handmade items make great gifts, from hats and scarves to blankets. A talent for needlepoint would allow you to create a handmade picture. If you know how to quilt, thereís probably no better gift than a quilt you made yourself.

Baked Goods

If you arenít much for handicrafts, you can make a great gift out of baked goods. Create a plate of assorted cookies, brownies, or quick breads.

Wooden or Hand-painted Items

Do you have any experience making items out of wood? A birdhouse, small book shelf, or wooden jewelry box are all great gift ideas. An even simpler wooden item would be a spice rack or picture frame. Or you can purchase an unfinished birdhouse or bird feeder and paint or decorate it.

Create a Gift Basket

You can create your own gift basket with very inexpensive items. Put together a collection of soaps, candles, or nail polish for a simple and inexpensive idea. Or you could create a basket out of flavored teas or coffees.

A homemade birthday gift idea is a great alternative to spending time, energy and money shopping. Often something you made yourself will be cherished and remembered long after a store-bought item has been discarded.