Make Your Birthday Gift Idea Heard

Enjoy your birthday more by cluing others in about the birthday gift ideas you have for yourself, but make sure to do so in a way that is subtle and polite.

Make Your Birthday Gift Idea Heard

Everybody has seen it, and some have even experienced it themselves. It is the look that people have on their face when they receive a less-than-desirable gift. Most are reluctant to express their dissatisfaction because they are taught from birth that “it is the thought that counts.” However, most of these situations can be avoided from the beginning simply by making the birthday gift ideas you have for yourself heard, loud and clear.

Know What You Want

Being disappointed with a gift is not uncommon. However, often times the receiver of the gift brings this disappointment upon themselves. Giving vague, unsure responses when asked for a birthday gift idea by other people often yields an undesirable present. “Oh, I don’t know” and “Surprise me” are only okay responses if you will truly be okay with whatever gift you are given. In order to get what you want, you have to first decide what you want. Accumulating a list throughout the year, as you see items that you want, will help to prevent you from forgetting anything.

A Subtle Suggestion

Once you have determined birthday gift ideas for themselves, you must provide these ideas to other people. It is not enough to write out a list of birthday gift ideas and let it sit on a shelf; no one will become aware of them that way. Some people will come out and ask for birthday gift ideas as the special day draws near; however, sometimes you will have to drop subtle hints in order to notify those who are clueless when it comes to gift giving.

Word Of Mouth

One way to make family members and friends aware of your birthday gift ideas is by word of mouth. Enlist a “partner-in-crime”—perhaps it is your sister, or your mother, or your best friend. Then, ask that they bring up your birthday gift ideas in casual conversation with family and friends. Your co-conspirer might strike up a conversation about what they are getting you for your birthday, or ask if the other person would like to split the cost of a gift.

A Natural Relation

Another way to get the message across about what you would like for a birthday gift is by relating natural occurrences to items from your list. If you see a commercial on the television, or hear an advertisement in the radio, or even if you pass by an item in the store, make sure to mention that you’d like that item for your birthday. It is not in bad taste to make a comment if it is relevant; and it is difficult for others to misinterpret such a comment.

A Day To Remember

Everyone puts so much thought into giving birthday gifts, and all that is wanted is for the recipient to enjoy the present. By making your wishes clear, you will enjoy the gift and your birthday so much more. The giver will enjoy your birthday more as well because they will have made you ten times happier.