Birthday Gift Idea for a Coworker

Choosing a birthday gift idea for a coworker doesnít have to be stressful. Here are some simple ideas that donít require breaking the bank.

Looking for a birthday gift idea for a coworker or casual acquaintance can sometimes be frustrating, but it doesnít have to be. Keep it simple. You donít need to break the bank or cause yourself a lot of stress. There are plenty of simple gifts that you can give to acknowledge the occasion.

Some casual ideas are:


Candles have appeal both for decorative reasons and for scent. Purchase one or more single candles or consider a gift set that includes multiple candles in different shapes.


For a decorative and useful gift, consider a set of coasters. Choices may include plain wooden coasters or hand painted coasters in various shapes.


From gold-embossed to simple fountain pens, writing instruments come in a great variety of sizes and price ranges. Even though this is a simple gift, itís one that your friend will definitely use sooner or later.

Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs come in an unlimited array of shapes, colors and sizes. Choose one with a slogan or cartoon, or have a personalized one designed from a family photo. If a single mug seems too plain, consider a gift set that includes more than one mug and flavored coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Picture Frame

Everyone has pictures that they never seem to get around to putting into picture frames. Small or large, plain or fancy, a picture frame is a practical gift that most people will appreciate.


An umbrella is a very practical gift, and will definitely come in handy.

Magazine Subscriptions

The person who appears to have everything may appreciate a magazine subscription.

Gift Card

Still stumped? If youíre still having trouble coming up with a birthday gift idea for a coworker or casual acquaintance, a gift card is always a great gift. Gift cards can be purchased for department stores, movie stores, even coffee shops. Itís still the best gift for the person who has everything.